You Are Enough, Believe In Yourself!

It’s important to know that you are enough and whatever it is that you want to do you can. Period.

Most of the time, many of us never reach our maximum potential. Not because we can’t do it, but, out of fear that we can’t do it or we don’t know how.

Whatever your dreams or career aspirations, let me be the first to tell you, you ARE more than capable of stepping out on faith and reaching for the stars.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and so, you dreams won’t material in a day. You have to be willing to do the necessary work to really get there. Whatever your personal and/or career goals are, here are six actions you should take in order to get you there.

  1. Research. Know as much about the field and career path you are trying to pursue. You should also know the influencers in your industry as well. Study what they are doing what they’ve done and use that as a blueprint for how you would like to pursue your own career goals.
  2. Maintain better time management in order to maximize your efficiency. The better you prepare and organize your daily tasks and set deadlines, the better you’ll be able to complete them and allow yourself sufficient time if things don’t go as planned. Better preparation will also allow you to complete those day-to-day tasks and improve your productivity.
  3. Surround yourself with goal oriented people. This is a given. It’ll be wise of you to surround yourself with people who’ll be able to motivate you when you’re down or discouraged.  I’d also add that you should surround yourself with people that are smarter than you can learn from. And don’t be afraid to ask questions. Pride can be one hell of a thing.
  4. Know your shortcomings. It’s important to know your strengths but it’s also important to know your weaknesses so that you’re best able to outsource work, or work with people who’ll bring those skill-sets to the table. Again, it’s best to build a team of people you believe is smarter but will also compliment your work ethic and bring attributes to the table where you fall short. You’re not a good public speaker, take a public speaking class. This will become important in selling yourself, your skills and delivering a good pitch — depending on your area of expertise of course.
  5. Be Patient. It’s also important to set realistic goals. You may not make your first $100,000 in a year but it’s quite possible to make $10,000. Set realistic goals and also set realistic deadlines to meet those goals.
  6. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. Closed mouths don’t get fed so if you don’t ask you don’t receive. Think you deserve a pay raise or would like to negotiate a higher pay rate for a new job? Ask. But, you do want to do so respectfully. What do you have to lose? Even if you’re denied that rate, by asking for what you want you stand a good chance for getting it.

What are some actions you take in your own life to accomplish your goals?

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