Why Do You Want To Blog?

Now that I’ve shared with you a bit about why I blog, why do you blog? Or why do you want to blog rather?

This is an important question you should ask yourself. It’s not enough to want to have a blog but to know what you want to blog about. At the early stage of your blogging career, asking yourself these very questions will help in discovering, what we’ve discussed before, giving your blog the right blog/domain name.

Next, what are your interests? What are you an expert in?

When I decided I wanted to become an entertainment blogger it was based on my love for music and my interest in celebrity news, online media,  and public relations. I also knew that writing came natural to me. Although I do not consider myself  a “writer” per say (we’ll come back to that later), I knew, what is difficult for me to articulate verbally comes easiest on paper, in this case, digitally.  From the beginning I knew what my interests were, as well as, my strengths and I used them to my advantage.

Whatever you decide to blog about will become your niche. Your core content. The heart of your blog. For the Ms. Toni blog, it was simple, this blog is about blogging. It’s my niche.

Your niche is something you may need to re-evaluate from time to time. As your blog grows it may take you on another path you least expect. For example, as my entertainment blog grew, I found myself losing interest on continuing to blog about celebrities but, I also knew, I didn’t want to give it up completely. In the last year I’ve incorporated more fashion content, lifestyle and dating/relationship articles. These are topics that not only interest me but are of interest to my core demographics (African American women in the 18-24 age range closely followed by the 25-34 range). I had to vamp it up. We’ll discuss niche blogging, re-inventing your blog and discovering your target audience a bit later. For now, it is important to narrow down what that niche will be and sticking with it.

But first, let’s review a bit. The first three things you should ask yourself before creating a blog?

  1. Why do I want to blog?
  2. What do I want to blog about?
  3. What am I good at?

Once you’ve answered these questions you’ll discover your niche. Some bloggers suggest not having more than one niche for your blog and, although I agree that narrowing it down to just one is great, I also believe that, yes, you can have more that one niche per blog. However, they should “compliment” each other.

I blog about celebrities with a following that’s 80% women, in the early adulthood-mid twenties age range, who are also interested in beauty, fashion, and dating tips…..you see how I’ve made that work to my advantage there? I’m  also in the same age range as many of the women who visit my blog, therefore it’s fair to say, a lot, of what may interest me may interest them as well.

What would I say is the max for niche blogging? Three. The more you narrow down your niche you’ll be in a better position in attracting a loyal following of people with the same interests.

What will you blog about? And why?

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