What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is the method in which your site gets ranked on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, especially Google.

By using the proper keywords to optimize your website and site articles your site will have a better chance of ranking pretty highly on SERP (Search Engine Results Pages). If you were to do a Google search for the site name Ms. Toni you’ll notice this site ranks on the first page. Appearing on the first three pages during a Google search is your desirable result. If you can land on the very first page even better.

The best way to come up with great article titles is to think of the likely search terms people will use when trying to find information on that particular subject.

It is also very important to optimize your site with keywords that ties in with your website’s niche. Since this is a blog about blogging, if you notice, you’ll see keywords and phrases such as blog tips, blogging, SEO, backlinks, social media/marketing etc. And as more articles are published it’s likely you’ll see these terms being used more frequently as well as keywords that ties in with this site’s niche. Doing so will also help readers navigate your site easier when properly labeling tab headings, sidebar headings and making site links clearly visible to the eye.

Also remember to use those same keywords when assigning categories and tags for your articles.

Why is optimizing your web pages and articles important? Organic traffic! The success of any site relies solely on website traffic. The more visitors to your site the more page views you’re getting. The more page views will give your site more backlinks, more article referrals and again your site ranks highly in search engines. With a successful site you’re likely to gain notoriety in your niche and the potential of making a profit from your website increases. After all, having a profitable site is your ultimate goal right? If not, it should be. The first three months of properly optimizing your site and posts is very vital. It is after the first three months that you’ll begin to garner some organic traffic if optimized correctly.

Here’s a short list of some tips I’ve already mention and other things you can do to rank better on search engines like Google.

  1. Optimize Your Site Title: Use keywords and phrases people will likely search when researching your topic/niche.
  2. Optimize Your Site Posts: It’s also very important to use keywords and phrases in the first three lines of your article’s first paragraph.
  3. Optimize Your Entire Site: Making it easier to navigate with similar keywords and phrases.
  4. Original Content: Write on a topic no one has covered or bring a different approach to the topic.
  5. Publish First: This is especially true of news media sites. The news is updated quite frequently, being the first to cover a topic puts you in a better position of ranking highly in search engines.

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