What’s in a pitch? 10 steps for effective pitching

What’s in a pitch? A lot.Effective pitching can separate a good publicist from a great publicist. What separates the two? Well, the devil is in the details. In 2007, I completed a public relations internship at a boutique agency, with a focus in beauty and lifestyle PR. Though, I didn’t get much hands on training […]

Marketing Needs Diversity

If there’s one thing we should all learn from the disturbing Dove campaign, seemingly depicting women of color as “unclean” is that, diversity is essential in marketing. It is essential in the way people, especially people of color are represented. Dove’s Facebook ad, which the beauty brand later apologized for, further illustrated why it is […]

Building Your Blog’s Community & Growing Its Readership

Now that we’ve talked about creating your blog, giving it a name, which platform to use and how often you should be updating your site, let’s get on to building you blog’s community. Let me first say, getting readers to your blog is one thing but actually garnering a following or devoted blog readers is […]