Toni Quotes: Living Without Judgement

Today I’d like to share this message with you. “It’s quite possible to walk strongly in your convictions without passing judgement on others.” – me It’s so easy to pass judgement on those we do not understand or agree with, but, we never know the decisions we’d make if given the opportunity to walk in […]

Believing You Can Do It Is Half The Battle


I had an ah ha! moment today. Although it’s a saying I’ve heard before, I have asserted myself in always believing that, “if you already believe you can do it you will”. Whatever that it is. I haven’t always been confident and a part of that was simply because, like most people, I had to […]

Just Toni: All Things “Scandal”

I know I haven’t blogged in a some time and that’s all for a reason. Truth is, I’ve been uninspired to blog about blogging. I realized I needed to put some life back into this blog and created a subsection where I could talk about things that inspire me — giving the blog a personal […]