Short Hair Don’t Care: The Big Chop


So it finally happened, I cut my hair!

I had been contemplating cutting my hair for some time now and I’m happy I did it.

I think short hair allows you to have more fun with your versatility and personal style. There’s really but so much you can do with long hair.

When my hair was longer, I only wore it down or in a ponytail or bun. I’m looking forward to being more playful and adventurous with my hair.

I’m also betting that it will be a challenge at times. While wearing your hair down or pulled back doesn’t offer much versatility, it’s also very simple. Now, I will be forced to keep atop my hair maintenance. And as someone who has suffered from excessive dry hair and scalp it may a handful at times. But, thankfully, I’ll have less hair to manage. Lol

Here’s a previous photo when I had long hair.


Although I’ll miss it, I can’t wait to unfold my inner chic thanks to the much shorter and stylish do.

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