New Year Not So New Me, Why I Don’t Do Resolutions

Each year when the clock strikes 12 and we ring in a new year, most people think a magic wand will appear and wipe them a clean slate. Not so much.

Let me explain why I don’t do New Years resolutions. It’s pretty simple really. They are often unrealistic.

“New Year, New Me?” I think not.

The truth is we can’t change anything in a single hour, day, week, and in some cases, months. Making any changes in your life is and will be a task that requires consistency.

At midnight 2014, I was with friends at a semi-packed club in Washington, DC and as I looked ahead I made mental notes of specific areas in my life that required changing.

There’s a very good reason why I chose the above image. That photo was taken, perhaps 45 minutes, prior to ringing in the New Year. It reminds of how far I’ve come and, yet, how far I still have to go. But, I haven’t changed. I am simply a better version of myself, a work in progress, still.

The notion that anything really changes after the ohh rahs, cheers, and glee we exude in our, typically, inebriated stage has always been a pet peeve of mine. Honestly, nothing’s really changed. But it can if you really want it to.

Here are a few areas in my life I aspire to change and methods, I believe, will aid me in getting there. I hope they’ll be useful tips for you as well.

First, how about updating this blog more frequently. (Ha!)

I admit, between two pop culture sites and a fashion blog I’m spent.  However, making a conscious effort to make one update to this site each week, I hope, will be feasible.

1. In fact, my first career goal would be to update more frequently (all three blogs that is). And because content is key, construct more interviews. This is especially essential for running a pop culture blog.
2. Research and open my first e-commerce business. (More on that later)
3. Host and organize my first blogging event this year.
4. Explore Vlogging: I admit this terrifies me but I’m looking forward to posting my first vlog by the end of the month. (Yikes!)
5. For my personal goal it would be to be more disciplined, consistent, specific in my goal settings and measuring/monitoring my progress.
6. Stick to a workout regimen and healthier nutrition plan. (Apart from eating more greens and eliminating more processed carbs, I’ve recently joined the 30-day squat challenge. I’m on day 11.)
7. I also started my first book! ( A major step for me. I’m stepping out on faith and it’s terrifying!!)

The fifth was a mouthful but it’s my most important goal. By working on myself I’ll be better able to transmit those skills and abilities to my career goals.

Now here are some tips that’s, so far, helped in achieving this.

1. Write your goals down (it’s a good daily, weekly, monthly reminder).
2. Create a vision board: Although I prefer writing things down, a vision board is a great visual guide in helping to achieve your long-term and short-term goals.
3. Set realistic goals in a realistic time-frame: Let’s say you run a blog that gets 300 page views each day for the month of January, it is highly unlikely that number will change drastically the next month. A realistic short-term and long-term goal would be to increase your views by 100 each month. Don’t set yourself up for failure.
4. Get a head start: Time waits for no one. If you’re able to get an early start in your day, waking up a half-hour or hour earlier, you’ll find you’re better able to be more productive each day.
5. Stick to your schedule: Setting a daily schedule and sticking to it will help you in completing your tasks each day. If it helps to write down the minute-to-minute and  hour-to-hour daily plan, do that.
6. Be consistent: Although you will get discouraged, and may even fall short of your goals, get back up and try try again. Doing a little each day with get you a lot further than doing nothing.

I hope these are tips you are able to utilize in your own lives and in achieving your own goals.

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