Naming Your Blog

When I think about naming a blog, the acronym K.I.S.S comes to mind. In other words, “Keep.It.Simple.Stupid.”

The name you choose for your blog should resonate that of your domain name. It shouldn’t be long or hard to remember. If this blog had been “Ms Toni Teaches You Blogging Tips” with the domain name, although not difficult to remember, it is a mouthful. Keep things simple. It goes without saying that this blog is about blogging. I am a blogger who blogs. Don’t over think it.

Through your brainstorming process, this is the stage where you’ll also decide, if you haven’t already, on why you’ve decided to blog and what you want to blog about.

When I decided on Cotten Kandi for my celebrity and entertainment blog I initially wanted it spelled “Kotton Kandy”. Once I realized the name wasn’t available, from my blogger name search, I had to become creative and researched various spellings of the name until I was able to choose one that was available.

Learning that your blog name/domain name is a common one is actually pretty normal. Your first blog title will usually be one that is already taken, don’t panic. You may need to brainstorm a bit and write down different variations of the same name until you are able to choose one to your liking.

The name should be catchy, easy to remember, and easy to spell.

But that’s not good enough. Ask yourself, what’s in a name? Why are you choosing to name your blog the name you’ve chosen? For me, “Cotten Kandi” much like the actual candy, Cotton Candy, is a treat. And like my blog, it was a treat. A treat for its readers to indulge, escape from reality and get their entertainment fix. With it, I also used the catch phrase, “Treat Your Sweet Tooth…”, to further enhance the meaning behind the name. You wouldn’t give a celebrity entertainment site a name like “Garage Tools” would you? It doesn’t make sense. Your blog name should resonate, somewhat if not completely, what your blog is about. Put some thought into theย  name you choose for your blog. After all, it may be a permanent decision.

Once you’ve chosen your blog name, purchasing your own domain name should be your next step. If you’re using a blogging platform such as Blogger, WordPress or even Tumblr your domain will read:

Remember, your blog is being “hosted” on a free blogging platform. The domain name of your blog will incorporate that of the platform you’ve chosen.

Purchasing a domain name is relatively cheap. I’ve used Domain Monster. It’s a domain host which allows me to keep my blog’s hosting site, Fat Cow, separate from that of my domain provider (I’ll explain why I’ve done that a bit later as I take you along my blogging journey). You can also visit Go Daddy, Name Cheap, and Register. On average, you’ll spend $15 per year to host your domain name. Just remember to purchase one! It’ll not only make your blog more professional but you should own your own domain name. It’s your creation! Protect it.

Now that you’ve got a name I’ll talk more about choosing a platform and creating your very own blog in my next article.

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