Ms Toni: Changing The Direction Of The Blog

So I’ve decided to take the blog in another direction. Although I initially intended on making this blog, ‘a blog about blogging’ and my tips on blogging, I want to incorporate more of me.

Since the blog’s title is, Ms. Toni, why not talk more about Toni, right?

I’ve also just started a new Youtube channel so please subscribe to YouTube: I Am MsToni. And, while you’re at it please also subscribe to my pop culture blog and channel: YouTube: Cotten Kandi and YouTube: Cotten Kandi Online

Remember that vlog I told you guys I would do before the month was out. I did it!

Now, doing the video was one task editing is an entirely different story. I’m not as tech savvy as I would like to be but I promise to get the video up by the weekend.

As for the new direction, I still plan on incorporating blogging tips in some posts but I will also share some fitness and diet tips as well as how I’m staying in shape.

I’ve set a goal to reduce my body fat, to tone and have more muscle definition by April 1st.

Now, remember I previously stated in my post about my reasons for not setting resolutions was because they’re often unrealistic. I mention this now because in my fitness challenge I’ve started a 30 day squat and abs challenge for the month of January.

Although I’ve lost about 2 lbs I am not seeing as much changes in my body mass index and muscle definition. Noting apparent to the eye anyway. I am slim to medium build and was already in pretty decent shape but I realized that toning will take much more work than I initially anticipated. For me 30 days isn’t enough.

It’s already three weeks in the New Year and research proves that typically two weeks into the new year and many people begin to lose motivation and forget about their resolutions.

Although I’m not seeing immediate results I intend on sticking to it and believe a more realistic GOAL would be, lets say, three months.

Notice I said GOALS and not RESOLUTIONS. Goals take time. Often times resolutions create the mindset that the change has to be instant. Again, it’s unrealistic.

Because I do not have a lot of body fat (I’m approximately 5 “4” and 140 lbs) it will be harder to tone an reach the muscle definition I want. This also means I will need to have a more disciplined diet.

I’m not a fast food junky but eliminating more processed carbs and sugars, out of my diet, while incorporating more greens and lean protein will help to get me there.

I also want to discuss more about personal growth and overcoming body image issues and insecurities — something I’ve dealt with in the past.

I look forward to sharing with you and hope you guys will be open in sharing with me too.

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