Keep Your Hair Moisturized With Olive Oil Serum & Sheen Spray


If you have relaxed hair, then you know the drying effect the chemicals can have on your hair. For this reason, I recommend using olive oil based hair products. I would also recommend using an olive oil based no-lye relaxer to aide in counteracting the dryness caused by the process of straightening your hair.

In order to keep my own hair healthy and shiny, I use two such products. Want to remedy your own dry hair? Try using Fantasia IC Olive Oil Shine Serum ($7.99) and Organic Root Stimulator Oil Sheen Spray ($5.99).


Try using these products daily before applying heat — whether by a hair dryer, flat or curling iron. While the serum aids in protecting your hair from heat and outdoor elements, the sheen spray will help to retain the natural luster to your hair after styling.

Here are someĀ step-by-step tips on applying the serum and sheen to your hair after washing and styling.

  1. Towel dry damp hair after washing and conditioning.
  2. Apply serum to scalp and hair and work through to ends.
  3. Apply blow dryer and comb and brush through hair until dry. Apply more serum as necessary for drying and retaining moisture to hair and scalp.
  4. Style hairĀ as desired.
  5. Apply sheen spray as a finishing touch after styling.

What are some products you would also recommend to counteract dry hair?

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