Just Toni: All Things “Scandal”

I know I haven’t blogged in a some time and that’s all for a reason. Truth is, I’ve been uninspired to blog about blogging. I realized I needed to put some life back into this blog and created a subsection where I could talk about things that inspire me — giving the blog a personal touch. The difficulty in sometimes writing for a niche blog is that you get writers block. How many ways can you write about the same topic, right?

Well since the blog is mstoni.com why not incorporate a little bit of “me” into the blog? This brings me on to “Scandal”. The ABC television series that’s made an addict out of, just about, everyone that’s had the opportunity to watch just one episode.

Every Thursday night social media is in a frenzy about the latest episode of the scandalously good prime time soap opera, “Scandal”. Creator Shonda Rhimes sure knows how to reel you in and keep you entranced with the lives of her fictional characters. Although Scandal’s main character, Olivia Pope (played by actress Kerry Washington) is loosely based on real life crisis manager Judy Smith, her love affair with the President of the United States, Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III, pulls at your heart strings. Although we know it’s wrong, the love and passion these two exude makes it so right.

For the past two weekends I’ve spent my time hurled up on my couch watching episode after episode. Thanks goodness for my Netflix account. I’ve spent my time watching from its beginning, season one, all the way through to its current season two and I have to admit the critics were right. It’s good. Really good.

I hate to admit, I wanted to say it was overrated and not follow the masses but even I know a good show when I see one. This culturally diverse cast of talented actors and actresses is a breathe of fresh air. The show does a great job of mixing in a bit of sarcasm, comedy, blended with intensity, mystery, romance and suspense keeps us all on our toes each and every episode.

Here’s my take, this show is worth one hour of your time. One of the most well spent hour on prime time television.

Well done Sonda, well done.

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