Johnson’s Baby Oil: The Anti-Aging Solution?

Johnsons-Baby- Oil-Anti-Aging-Solution

According to a study conducted by Statista, millions of Americans spend billions of dollars, each year, on anti-aging creams to counteract the effects of aging. While many of these consumers are willing to spend big bucks on anti-aging solutions — from creams to more permanent solutions including cosmetic surgeries — there may be a much simpler and cheaper solution.

How about trying baby oil? Johnson’s Baby Oil to be exact.

I know what you’re thinking. It sounds a little far-fetched, but, it’s true. Baby oil is not just for babies. The product is used by the young and old.

Your skin’s natural oils, especially that on your face, around your eyes and mouth warn off wrinkles. For that reason, it makes total sense that baby oil, used to replenish dry skin, fights wrinkles as well.


The best time to use the products is following a shower. I also recommend applying an ample amount of the product around your eyes and mouth before applying makeup. Although concealer is also good for this reason, adding a small amount of baby oil adds extra moisture to your skin while further protecting it from some of the harsh chemicals embedded in your favorite cosmetics line.

If you prefer a product with less oils, I would also suggest using Johnson’s Baby Lotion as an alternative. You can also combine the two products — baby oil and lotion — for a longer lasting moisturizing effect without the excessive oily glow.

The company also offers a list of other alternatives and fragrances. Their options include Johnson’s Baby Oil Gels, Aloe Vera, Shea and Cocoa Butter.

And, you’re in luck guys. Head over to Healthy Essentials to snag some coupons for some of your favorite Johnson’s baby products now.

*Please be aware that results may vary and not enough study has been conducted to medically prove that baby oil can be used as an anti-aging remedy. Please consult with your dermatologist.*


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