How To Get Your Website Noticed!

Getting your website noticed can be difficult. With the millions of blogs on the internet and thousands more created each day, it’s pretty hard to make your site stand out from the crowd. No one goes to a site they don’t know about, right? Here are some ways to get your site noticed.

After launching your website, especially a new site, the goal is to always get people to visit it. You can start with some simple methods in getting your website attention. Below I’ve listed some simple ways of getting your site attention.

Tell People About It: One of the easiest and least expensive ways to get your website noticed? Simply tell people about it. What about your family? Your friends? And while you’re at it why not have them spread the word for you?

Reach Out To People In Your Niche: This means, fellow bloggers and people who are knowledgeable in the subjects you wish to blog about. Sign up for a community where bloggers and experts that share your interests and who won’t mind sharing their expertise and experience with you.

If you blog about celebrities you might want to reach out to their booking agency for an exclusive interview. If you are a fashion blogger try contacting up and coming designers for exclusive interviews, attend fashion shows so you can network and pass along your business card. And, yes, you should have a business card including your site name and link. The same can be said of travel, food, and mom bloggers. Reach out to and network with the people that are aligned to your niche.

Create Social Media Accounts: Site exposure and finding people of similar interests especially on social media can drive traffic to your website, utilize it.

Be A Guest Blogger: Being a guest blogger for another site will not only help you form connections with other bloggers you’ll also get your own website noticed by pointing readers there in your articles.

Being a guest blogger can get your site referral traffic. Referring traffic is another great way of getting your site noticed.

Contact PR Agencies: Publicists would love to get their clients exposure and they want writers to talk about their product. This is a great way to become a go to publisher when PR agencies are looking to get their clients attention.

In conclusion, you have to put yourself out there. If you write it, they will not always come. Be an advocate for your site. Connect with the right people in your blog’s niche and you’ll  build a network of go to professionals.

These are just a few ways to get your website attention. What are some other ways you drive traffic to your website?

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