How Often Should You Update Your Blog

Now that you’ve chosen your niche and the blogging platform of your liking let’s discuss how often you should be posting on your blog.

So you’ve made your first post. Congratulations! Now, let’s discuss how often you should be updating your site’s content?

Well, that all depends.

Although most blogging experts suggest you should update your blog, at least, three times per week in order to build an active community and drive daily traffic to your site, it also depends on your niche. For celebrity entertainment and gossip bloggers daily updates are vital in order to stay competitive in that niche. This is also true for any news outlets who want to be abreast breaking news story.

If you’re an Event Planning blogger, for example, who blogs about the events you’ve just covered, its likely you won’t be updating a blog three times a week. At maximum you may do so once per week, given there is an event to cover. Most often that not, event planning takes time in preparation and planning for the event at hand.

At the same time, as a new blogger, you won’t want to publish frequently on a blog that hasn’t garnered enough traffic.

Take this site for example. If you’ve noticed, I publish once per week. Not because there isn’t a broad array of topics I can cover but for two reasons. This blog is still new. One that was launched a little less than a month ago. You wouldn’t want to shell out lots of great content to a site with a small audience, right? Also, because I also run a celebrity entertainment news, fashion and lifestyle website I have to update more frequently to stay competitive in that niche. Breaking news happens every day and at every hour. And unfortunately that means I have a limited amounts of time to publish new articles here three or more times per week. So for now, this site will remain a reference for new bloggers on getting started and becoming successful.

Going back to our Event Planner, if this event planner chooses he or she can create content around the event planning business. To vamp up article distribution, he or she can write about all that entails in running an event planning business, finding a venue, creating and executing a guess list, working with staff and so on. But this is where you also want to be careful.

You should be an expert or attempting to be one in the niche you’re writing. Why? You want to create insightful content. Sometimes, for your readers, it’s just as important to say I don’t know or here is something new I learned today that I also want to share with you all. If producing content is your goal, some bloggers create, what I call, content fillers. Content fillers are articles a blogger posts but offers no insightful or useful information to the reader. It was published mainly to increase the bloggers post count. You want to lose readership? Post content fillers. This can hurt your site just as much as not updating it frequently.

In retrospect, how often you post articles on your blog is entirely up to you. If you can only muster up once per week then, like myself, inform your readers. They should know when to expect new content so they know when to visit. They’ll also be more inclined to subscribe to your news feed so they’re notified when you’ve published a new article.

As time progresses, and the growth of your blog, the urge to create more frequent posts will surely come. Make sure, however, the information is valuable to the readers you’ve garnered. Until then, at the beginning stages of your blog, you want to spend a great deal of your time spreading the word, learning a bit about backlinks, SEO, increasing traffic and creating drafts of topics you intend on writing about By doing so now you’ll be at a better advantage for building a devoted blogging community.

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