5 Ways To Get Back Links To Your Website

Getting back links to your weblog can be a tedious process. But, it is a process that is worthwhile. Getting back links to your site is another form of website SEO. I discussed this during a previous article, “What Is SEO?”

Now let’s discuss actually getting back links. To sum it up, you can think of back links as web votes. Every time a webpage links back to your own website or webpage you’ve got a vote. In search engines, like Google, this is like a seal of approval. The more seals of approvals you get the higher your website is likely to rank on search engine results pages (SERP). The more back links you get will also help to increase your page rank. A page rank is a measurement starting from 0 to 10 of how high your website is valued. The more webpages, of higher page rank (web value) the more your own page rank and website value increases.

We’ll get to discuss page rank in more detail a bit later but, for now, let’s focus on getting you more back links.

Getting back links are easy but it can be time consuming like I’ve mentioned above. I’ve created a list of 5 organic (not paid for) methods below of just how you can begin to do this.

  1. Comment on other websites: Comment on websites that will allow you to link to your own website or blog. And the more sites you leave comments on will link back to your own website. And, if these websites have a higher page rank than you it is likely to improve your own page rank.
  2. Guest post for other websites: Just like commenting the more websites you guest posts for will allow you to point readers back to your own website for reference. Hence, the increase in back links.
  3. Ask other webmasters for link exchanges: Asking to exchange links can be less time consuming. If you and and a number of website publishers agree to exchange links, again, this will increase the number of sites linking back to you. These links are often listed under a blog roll or link page.
  4. Do featured links/content exchanges with other sites: Similar to link exchanges, you can make agreements with web publishers to exchange content. This means you re-publish an article from another site, paraphrase it, and point readers back to the original site to read the rest of the article. You must be careful to not copy the content word for word. Search engines, especially Google, may penalize a web publisher for republishing content exactly how it’s presented on another site. This leads me to my fifth point…
  5. Write great and original content: I can’t stress this enough. If you write great original content people will care to read you won’t work as hard on getting back links. If you build a community that appreciates your written content they’ll do all the promoting for you. Whether that is sharing content via social media, e-mail forwarding or by readers continuing to visit your website and provide insight on what you’ve written. Fellow web publishers may also like your insightful content, so much so, they share with their own readers. This again provides back links for you. In hindsight, original content is key.

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