Do Only What You’re Passionate About


If you’re still trying to find your purpose, here’s a clue, do only that which you are passionate about. Not somewhat, but totally intrigued with, so much so, that you’d even be willing to do it for free.

We’re often pressured onto going into a field or profession, we think, will guarantee a hefty salary or job security. What we fail to ask ourselves, is whether we see ourselves working diligently for long hours, sacrificing personal and family time, for a job you care little about. Here are 5 questions you should ask yourself in discovering your true passion:

1. Interest: What are your interests or/and passions? Whatever it is that you are passionate about, explore building a career around doing just that. When you are passionate about what you do, the more enjoyment you get from doing it, even during trying times.

2. Knowledge-ability: How much do you know about the subject at hand and how many hours are you willing to invest in learning more about the topic? Again, when you enjoy what you do the less it will feel like work.

3. Tenacity: When all else fails and you’ve hit a road block in pursuing your new career path, are you willing to stick it out and continue? Are you able to endure hard times in working up the career ladder, or even in your pursuit of a new one? Are you willing to spend long hours doing research and in completing a project?

4. Consistency: Okay, so you’re passionate and knowledgeable in your field but how consistent are you? Again, this goes back to how tenacious are you. There are times when you’ll be discovered. Will you want to stop, only to start again? You’ve got to be able to be consistent.

5. Believe: To do anything you first have to believe that it can be done. When you’ve given it your best shot and feel your opportunities are limited, just believe. Having the right mindset will motivate you to keep pushing. Just believe.

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