You Are Enough, Believe In Yourself!


It’s important to know that you are enough and whatever it is that you want to do you can. Period. Most of the time, many of us never reach our maximum potential. Not because we can’t do it, but, out of fear that we can’t do it or we don’t know how. Whatever your dreams […]

Health Tip: Fruit and Veggie Salad Combination


I wouldn’t really consider myself a health nut, more like health conscious, but I have to admit that I’m a foodie! And one that’s had to learn to curb her sweet tooth and for foods rich in flavor, spices and sugar. As you can imagine, this is an ongoing battle and major dilemma when trying […]

Ms. Toni Quotes: “Be Grateful”

“Sometimes we’re so busy complaining about what we don’t have, we forget about all that we do have. Be grateful.” – Ms. Toni Related PostsIt Always Seems Impossible Until It’s Done: Reflecting on Self Growth

Ms Toni: Changing The Direction Of The Blog

So I’ve decided to take the blog in another direction. Although I initially intended on making this blog, ‘a blog about blogging’ and my tips on blogging, I want to incorporate more of me. Since the blog’s title is, Ms. Toni, why not talk more about Toni, right? I’ve also just started a new Youtube […]