Toni Quotes: Living Without Judgement

Today I’d like to share this message with you. “It’s quite possible to walk strongly in your convictions without passing judgement on others.” – me It’s so easy to pass judgement on those we do not understand or agree with, but, we never know the decisions we’d make if given the opportunity to walk in […]

You Are Enough, Believe In Yourself!


It’s important to know that you are enough and whatever it is that you want to do you can. Period. Most of the time, many of us never reach our maximum potential. Not because we can’t do it, but, out of fear that we can’t do it or we don’t know how. Whatever your dreams […]

Toni Thoughts: All That Glitters Isn’t Gold

We spend so much time wanting and wishing for what we don’t have that we often fail to notice all the things we do have — all the things we should be grateful for. While “things could always be better,” some things already are. Don’t be fooled or caught up with the illusion of anyone […]

Johnson’s Baby Oil: The Anti-Aging Solution?

According to a study conducted by Statista, millions of Americans spend billions of dollars, each year, on anti-aging creams to counteract the effects of aging. While many of these consumers are willing to spend big bucks on anti-aging solutions — from creams to more permanent solutions including cosmetic surgeries — there may be a much […]

Keep Your Hair Moisturized With Olive Oil Serum & Sheen Spray

If you have relaxed hair, then you know the drying effect the chemicals can have on your hair. For this reason, I recommend using olive oil based hair products. I would also recommend using an olive oil based no-lye relaxer to aide in counteracting the dryness caused by the process of straightening your hair. In […]

Short Hair Don’t Care: The Big Chop


So it finally happened, I cut my hair! I had been contemplating cutting my hair for some time now and I’m happy I did it. I think short hair allows you to have more fun with your versatility and personal style. There’s really but so much you can do with long hair.

Health Tip: Fruit and Veggie Salad Combination


I wouldn’t really consider myself a health nut, more like health conscious, but I have to admit that I’m a foodie! And one that’s had to learn to curb her sweet tooth and for foods rich in flavor, spices and sugar. As you can imagine, this is an ongoing battle and major dilemma when trying […]

Ms. Toni Quotes: “Be Grateful”

“Sometimes we’re so busy complaining about what we don’t have, we forget about all that we do have. Be grateful.” – Ms. Toni Related PostsIt Always Seems Impossible Until It’s Done: Reflecting on Self Growth

Believing You Can Do It Is Half The Battle


I had an ah ha! moment today. Although it’s a saying I’ve heard before, I have asserted myself in always believing that, “if you already believe you can do it you will”. Whatever that it is. I haven’t always been confident and a part of that was simply because, like most people, I had to […]

My First YouTube Vlog

I told you guys it was coming and here it is, my very first video blog. Like I mentioned earlier in the year, I set a number of goals for things I’d always wanted to do but have been putting them off for one reason or another. Vlogging was one of those things. And, as […]