Believing You Can Do It Is Half The Battle

I had an ah ha! moment today. Although it’s a saying I’ve heard before, I have asserted myself in always believing that, “if you already believe you can do it you will”. Whatever that it is.

I haven’t always been confident and a part of that was simply because, like most people, I had to grow up and experience life in order to become who I am and what I want to be; the kind of person I want to be. Quite often, I doubt my ability to take risks and travel down the path of unknown possibilities. This is especially true when I think about my career as a budding media personality and entrepreneur.

In that self-doubt, I’ve made many mistakes, I now know, could have been avoided. It’s especially true in having too much pride in asking for help and recognizing when I need help. It’s a trait I’m still struggling with today. The only difference now is that I am more aware of it and trying to change it. I know what I want and what I need to do to get there but haven’t always had, or believe I didn’t have, the right resources.

But back to my epiphany moment this morning. I’ve decided I am enough, I’m smart enough and I can do ANYTHING my imagination allows. And with that I believe you are enough, smart enough and can do ANYTHING your imagination allows. Believe in yourself!

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