Toni Thoughts: All That Glitters Isn’t Gold


We spend so much time wanting and wishing for what we don’t have that we often fail to notice all the things we do have — all the things we should be grateful for.

While “things could always be better,” some things already are.

Don’t be fooled or caught up with the illusion of anyone else’s happiness. Even the most, seemingly, happy and wealthy people have their own share of problems too.

That “perfect couple” with the “perfect relationship” on your Facebook friends list may actually argue like cats and dogs.

Your well dressed and groom co-worker may actually be battling depression.

Your neighbor with the nice car may actually be thousands of dollars in debt.

The job/career you think you want may actually make your life miserable and reduce the time you get to spend with your loved ones.

Here are seven things you can be thankful for:

1. You have a job.

2. You’ve got some place to call home.

3. You are able to pay all of your bills and still have a little extra funds left over.

4. You have, at least, one really great friend you can always depend on.

5. You’ve got your health.

6. You feel loved by your parents/kids.

7. You’ve got access to a computer/smart phone and wi-fi in order to read this fantastic article.

You may not have all of these things or even at the same time, but, being able to say that you have, at least, one thing on the list is better than most Never forget to live and appreciate all the (intangible) things that really matter in life.

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