5 Essential Steps to Earning a Good Return From Your Email Marketing


Email remains the marketer’s number one tool for ROI positive campaigns. 73% of millennials identify email as their preferred method of receiving information, and 50% of consumers prefer email marketing offers to methods such as direct mail (22%) or social media (9%). Add to this the $44 return for each $1 spent and it seems unlikely that we will see the end of email marketing any time soon.

Email provides a direct way to reach your audience, and because email is regarded as a ‘complimentary activity’: something people are likely to do while participating in other pastimes such as watching TV, lying in bed, or even while in conversation with others. As a result, it is more likely your email will be seen rather than be lost in a mountain of social media updates.

Email is the perfect avenue for effective, fast, permission-given marketing. It is 40 times more powerful than social media channels for gaining a business new customers, and is one of the best ways to turn leads into satisfied customers. Ensuring the addresses you have on file are correct by using an email verification software can further increase your returns and save you even more time and money.

Below are some simple steps for creating an ROI positive email campaign that will get your brand noticed and push sales further than ever before.

Segment Your Email List for Personalization
Before you go charging off to write the perfect email for your target audience, think about cleaning and segmenting your email list for better personalization. Not everyone will be at the same stage of the buyer journey, nor will they all be interested in the same products or offers.

Email personalization is used for good reason: it improves CTRs by 14% and conversions by 10%. By segmenting your email list before writing the emails, you will get a much better idea not only of what to say, but also how to make your emails stand out (and be opened) by the target audience.

Create Powerful Subject Lines
Think of your email subject line as your first impression – you only get to make it once, right? Get it wrong and your carefully crafted email may well be reported as spam. In fact, 69% of email recipients report emails as spam based on subject lines alone.

Avoid the words ‘newsletter’ or ‘donate’ in subject lines too as these are less likely to be opened than they are to be relegated to junk folders by spam filters. For optimal open rates, stick to around 6 – 10 words, be as specific as you can, and don’t forget: personalization can work wonders here, too.

Short and Sweet
Emails with multiple tasks for recipients to complete often fall flat with none of the actions being followed through. Short and sweet emails with just one CTA and simple design elements have much higher chances of success.

A single CTA in emails can increase CTRs by 371% and sales by 1617%. While having just one CTA doesn’t mean you need to make it a massive flashing button, it should be easy to find. Try following the ‘F’ formation for optimal placement and consider repeating the same CTA up to three times in the one email.

Automation does not mean standardization. However, each step of your customer’s journey can be automated and, if done correctly, personalized throughout. Automated campaigns can generate 6x higher transaction rates and still only 30% of brands use them.

Welcome emails, opt-ins, auto-responses, and numerous other emails throughout a buyers journey can be both automated and individualized. If done with clearly thought out goals, they can also be used to gather further information on a potential customer to help personalize their journey even further.

Track, Measure, Adjust
Email is perfect for getting detailed and useful feedback on your campaign from the get-go. Track metrics on open rates, CTRs, and movement to the next levels of engagement in your sales funnel as well as conversions. As you analyze your findings be sure to tweak email elements to increase ROI as much as possible.

Earning great returns with email campaigns isn’t rocket science. With only a little thought and planning, email can catapult your brand to success and markedly increase your business’ bottom line.

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